Edmund Burke – Reflections on the Revolution in France

When reading Burke, it is hard to escape his imposing intellect, his world-weary wisdom which bears down softly but firmly. As both an Irishmen and proud Member of Parliament for the Empire he loved, for the England he cherished, Burke gave conservatism an unashamedly British colour. His Reflections on the Revolution in France takes the … More Edmund Burke – Reflections on the Revolution in France

Adam Smith – “The Invisible Hand”

  Adam Smith’s work The Wealth of Nations, from which this Penguin edition is excerpted from, typifies the thought behind the American Constitution and of the contemporary intellectual climate. The Enlightenment held up the rights of an individual as an expedient to the greatest degree of liberty possible in human society. He discusses how different … More Adam Smith – “The Invisible Hand”

Reason and Rationale

Welcome, this will be a blog, as the title conveys, of reason and rationale. My posts will largely consist of book reviews with a discussion of the general arguments relayed or referenced to within the text with weekly updates. Enjoy.