Tim Blanning – The Romantic Revolution

“Rather than stripping the universe of beauty, as the author implies, science has revealed it’s natural splendour” … More Tim Blanning – The Romantic Revolution


Thomas Dixon – Science and Religion: A Very Short Introduction

Dixon has written a concise yet precise chronology of the relationship between science and religion, especially considering the length of this book. The text is littered with references to cases like the infamous Scopes “Monkey” Trial in 1925 to the more recent Judge Jones vs Dover Board case over Intelligent design in 2005, all of … More Thomas Dixon – Science and Religion: A Very Short Introduction

Freud – The Psychopathology of Everyday Life

One of Freud’s most notable and earlier works, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life displays the author’s interpretation of human fallibilities through the eyes of his profession. His theories and insights into what unconsciously motivates us to forget names and memories, confuse words, lose objects and experience déjà vu are explained through a littering of colourful … More Freud – The Psychopathology of Everyday Life

Francis Bacon – The Essays

Francis Bacon, son of Lord Keeper Nicholas Bacon, inherited his father’s position and attained Solicitor-General (1607), Attorney-General (1613) and Lord Chancellor (1618). However these positions only tell a very small side of the statesman and philosopher that published The Essays for a third and last edition in 1625. Bacon’s work seems anachronistic of the late … More Francis Bacon – The Essays